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Redefining the world's perspective on pregnancy & birth

Birth Doula Support & Childbirth Education

2 Timothy 1:7 

Meet Sydney

Doula, Birth Center Labor & Delivery RN

It is my mission to speak life over women and redefine the world's perspective on birth. It is my greatest honor to walk with women through their journey and help them pursue the birth of their dreams.

Hi friends! My name is Sydney and I am a Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery at a Birth Center and a Certifying Doula in Colorado. I have spent time volunteering at a Gynecology Clinic as a Medical Assistant. I am also a mama to the sweetest, most handsome little boy.

Since becoming a nurse...


What I Specialize In

Doula Services

Personalized Birth Prep

Pregnancy & Childbirth Education Courses

24/7 Pregnancy Health Professional Resource

Birth Plan Assistance


"Sydney's positivity and solidness in God's vision and purpose in labor is so refreshing and beautiful! I loved how she came at everything from the view point of what God has created me to do and to lean into Him! So good!"


"We chose Sydney as our doula for my first labor & delivery. Best decision we made! Sydney not only helped throughout my pregnancy with random questions and with my preferences, during labor she was suggesting new ideas/positions and she was always ready to help with anything. While we were in the hospital, our nurses and doctors continued to tell me how they thought Sydney was a great doula and that they loved working alongside her! My labor had many twists and turns but I always felt like I was able to have a conversation and make the most informed, best decision for myself with the knowledge and help from Sydney!"


"The support during pregnancy and delivery was so valuable and having someone who listens to your previous birth stories and birth wishes and is truly on your side was an amazing experience. Sydney really helped ease the anxiety of birth that comes the last few weeks of pregnancy."
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My heart is for you to be excited about your birthing day!

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