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Services & Packages

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Free Consultation

Let's connect! Not sure where to start? I would love to get to know you and your story and see if we would be a good fit for each other during your pregnancy and birth journey.

-Offered in-person or virtual

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Doula Services


- Complimentary consult 
- 1-2 in-home prenatal birth planning visits 
- 24/7 phone & email support/resources
- Intervention education for pregnancy & birth
- Personalized birth plan & birth preferences document
- 24/7 on-call availability for birth support from 38 weeks to birth
- Continuous labor & birth support from active labor until 2-3 hours postpartum
- 1 in-home postpartum visit

- Postpartum gift

-Beginnings Birth Center Approved Doula

-Offered in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area

*Payment Plans Available*

Experienced Birther
Doula Services

For experienced non-medicated, vaginal birthers only


- Complimentary consult

-1 in-home prenatal visit

-24/7 phone & email support/resources

- Personalized Birth Plan

-24/7 on-call availability starting at 38 weeks to birth

-Continuous labor & birth support from active labor until 2-3 hours postpartum

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Trevor Rapp Photography

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Childbirth Education

by Empowered Life Birth Collective

*Beginnings Birth Center Approved*


-How to best prepare your body for birth
-What exactly is happening in your body through each stage of labor
-Comfort techniques
-When to make your way to your birth location
-Ways your partner can support you
-Mental Preparation


When knowledge replaces fear, pain is diminished.

Trevor Rapp Photography

Birth Plan Package



-Complimentary consult

-3 prenatal birth planning visits (in-home or virtual)

-24/7 phone & email support/resources

-Pregnancy & birth intervention education

-Personalized birth plan

-Birth Preferences document

-Offered in-person or virtual


Trevor Rapp Photography


One Time 1:1 How to Plan a Natural Birth Session


Interested in a natural birth but not sure where to start? In our private session we will go through the steps to take to start planning your natural birth. This will include education on provider options, birth locations, and resources to help you on your journey.

-Offered in-person or virtual

Doula Website Design


Complete website creation including:

- Personalized design to fit your personality and business model

-Existing Logo Display

- "Services" Page(s)

- "Contact/Intake Form" Page(s)

- "About" Page

- Reviews/Testimonials

- Optional link to virtual meet and greet (Calendly & Zoom)

- Optional link to social medial platforms

- Continuous updates as needed after initial creation for

$30 /hour

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